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Case Study: Website Optimization

The filesize of the average website becomes bigger and bigger. With this case study I want to take a look at the potential of image compression, compressing CSS and Javascript, reduction of HTTP-requests and GZIP compression in decreasing the filesize and thus the loading time of a website.


The unknown Elements

Some HTML elements you use quiet often others not. In this article I want to address the later ones, explain where to use them and give you some examples to hopefully clarify things for you.


Getting started with Git

Order is an important aspect in every situation of our lives. This goes for coding as well. Git, as a version control system, is a way of organizing your coding process. Since Git becomes more and more popular I want to give you a introduction to Git!


Do it with Javascript

I think I am one of the numerous persons who came to DOM Scripting via jQuery. It is easy to learn and a straight forward process to code. The critisism regarding jQuery and the broader use of Javascript finally lead me to want to learn more about it.


An Introduction to Sass

CSS Preprocessors became a standard tool for the todays webdeveloper. Since there is a huge selection out there (e.g. Sass, Less, Stylus,…) I picked one – this tutorial is a introducation to Sass. What it is, how you install Sass on you computer, what features Sass provides and how to implement Sass in your development process.